Located in the remote region of Grimes County in Southeastern Texas, Lone Wolf Ranch is owned and operated under the direct supervision of the iconic star. For years it has served as his retreat from the hectic lifestyle that accompanies Hollywood superstardom and now he is excited to be opening the ranch for guest use. The ranch is named in homage to one of Chuck Norris’ most famous film performances as “Lone Wolf McQuade,” a modern day Texas Ranger who bucked the establishment, unwaveringly following the unwritten Code of the West. A code, to which Chuck Norris very much subscribes: Have gratitude for what you have, be there for a friend when needed, your word is your bond, there’s never a need to talk a lot (save your breath for breathing), and never pass anyone on the trail without saying “Howdy.” These are but a few of its tenets.

This fully operational ranch is located among 800 secluded acres of fully fenced gently rolling hills, hay fields, and meandering creeks, streams and ponds that are characteristic of an earlier era. Dense stands of oak, elm and pecan trees dot the landscape. Four, 4-person blinds have been strategically positioned on the property, as well as 5 tree stands. Located near the historic Texas Road to Independence, the ranch has a long history as a hunting and fishing mecca. In this unique area where buffalo and wild hogs once roamed in abundance, now native white-tail deer and quail thrive. Added to the ranch’s wildlife landscape to challenge and reward even the most experienced of hunters are premium game including Red Stag, Axis deer and Fallow deer.

Get ready for a once in a lifetime experience.